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My main learnings from 2011: Leadership, Ups and Downs, Connectivity

About LeadershipThis year I really understood the meaning of leading by doing. Before I thought that leading was being reasonable, fair, and share with people a vision, motivation. And then magically people will follow. Then this year I had some v… Continue reading

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18 minutes to not create your company in France

Back in my hometown I figure maybe it was time to set up a company, you know, just for fun. I spent maybe 40 minutes looking for information online on how to set up your company, figured I wanted to register as “auto-entrepreneur”, a new kind of r… Continue reading

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Love, Family or Others..Where would you choose to focus your passion?

Last week my best friend told me half joking: – ???I don’t see you coming back in our hometown, now, you still haven???t accomplished what you are supposed to accomplish in life???. And I answered half joking: – ??? I can come back in our hometown for 2-3… Continue reading

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Must-read books

Deliverying Happiness – Tony Hsieh Getting Things Done – David Allen (The audio training is great!) Ender’s Game -Orson Scott Card (For me it is about leadership, loneliness and the sense of duty) Continue reading

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The reason for this blog Part Two – Promote Openness and Transparency

One year ago, when I started this blog, it was because I just started organizing iWeekend, meet so many incredible and helpful person, learn and experience so much I thought I should share it and inspire people. But there were also another belief,… Continue reading

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