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If you are the smarter one, you are the one who have to make the effort.

I use to say that to my friends more and more when they enter in conflict with someone and suffer from it. ???If you are the smarter one, you are the one who have to make the effort???. It is unfair but it is the way it is. Ex: My friend Shelly and he… Continue reading

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Ender’s Game teaching

Sometimes you meet the right person at the righ timing but they are not ready. They are stuck in their own world (like in Inception), protecting themselves from others. Maybe they got hurt too bad. That is when the choice come to you: – Do you wan… Continue reading

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Lin, Zuck, Obama : 3 hot guys, 3 game changers

I wrote this post after reading today???s article from Douglas Rushkoff for CNN (see below link). Their common point? Part of minority, maybe even disregard by others. That teach you tolerance. Also being multi-cultural, you already get exposed to o… Continue reading

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Are you more a Mark or more a Steve ?

I think regardless which questions you are talking about, in which aspect your are looking at it,you can always divide the world into 2. And when it comes to people who want to live their passion, I can see of them: the Mark (Zuckerberg) and the S… Continue reading

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Chinese learning online tools and ressource – for free

Quizlet – My Flashcard setsnciku – My vocab listsLivemocha – My profil I also use ChinesePod audio podcast a lot but never been a paid user.Language leaning should be this way build around a community of peer who help each other. After all when yo… Continue reading

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Music for Good mood

Story of a guy being in a relationship for years and young father and complaining about not having the single life anymore 🙂 Continue reading

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Feeling awkward at events

I have a looooot of experience at feeling awkward at events. I thought I will share that with you because I think 90% of actually feel the same (the other 10% are drunk or completely in love with themselves). 1 – Until a few hours before the event… Continue reading

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What qualified as moral harassment? Aka. How to kill innovation in China.

Here is the story I need some external judgement here. In Dec. I submitted a project to deliver in May to my boss, he thought it was interesting and said I can start working on it. I designed a plan and start collected information about it to educ… Continue reading

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HOG: a tale about Friendship in a big city.

Once upon a time in a strange and bewitching city full of 20+ millions habitants there was a girl looking for a friend. One day at a party, she met H., they dated for a few weeks, travelled together and had a lot of fun. After they stopped dating … Continue reading

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My rules of Friendship

Friends can rely on each other. If you feel upset, lonely depressed, you call them. Friends are here for you, unless they have something important. They define themselves what is important or not. But if so they come back to you as soon as they ar… Continue reading

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