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The Walking Depressed aka. Creative Mind stuck in a World of Conformity

I always thought that Entrepreneurs were people more sensitive than average, because you have to be idealistic, you have to keep faith that the world deserve to be better to keep fighting everyday when you could choose to have a easy life (metro/b… Continue reading

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Life is about coping with loneliness, building Connections. Not about Love.

What makes “people” happy? I understand a long time ago that life is not about fame or money. I read delivering happiness and it clearified it for me even more. I had this kind of discussions way too often already with young entrepreneurs or inves… Continue reading

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a framework to understand loves and Love

About “True love”. My friend Hahns once told me there was no such thing as fake and true love their is just love and it is unconditional. It makes sense. There is no fake love, just love. About the unconditional thing i wonder, if a mother loves h… Continue reading

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I’m Still Here – Joaquin Phoenix Using His Life to make a Study Case

I watched I’m Still Here this week, it was quite random, just found it at my place, dont remember buying it, maybe a AIrBnB guest left it. I love Joaquin Phoenix since The Village – the most beautiful love story ever. So watched it and was quite u… Continue reading

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