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Retrospective: Working in NHN

Everytime I enjoy a Capuccino it remind me of my good time in NHN, particularly the time I spent with my colleagues chilling in the cafeteria. NHN for those who are unfamiliar is like the “Google+Yahoo” of South Korea. It … Continue reading

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The Fall of Apple

I am a big Apple fan. 2003 – The first laptop I bought when I left my hometown and when study in Paris was an Apple. I stayed with Apple since that. At that time, my boyfriend was studying to … Continue reading

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“How do you make a videogame that, in some sense, is a religion”

via Anson Again how games can impact real life. And people doing interesting stuff. A bit crazy but interesting. I NEED to go to GDC now… (Game Developers Conference)

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I love Jason Russell

Hope to go visit Invisible Children in a near future in San Diego. Kony2012 – One year later:

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