Understand my thoughts process and things that really matter to me.

I have a theory about the Trinity of the Self, we are all made of 3 main components: Brain, Heart and Body.

How each of this components work and how their interests conflicts, I will write everything in an upcoming posts, a constant work in progress as I collect information about myself and people along my life. You can find this balance of 3 in many other aspects of life : your startup, relationship, health…

Who you cooperate with is more important than how good is your product. This theroy connect with Outliers… IQ is not everything you also need EQ.

The reason why I think you should not be afraid of copycats. Also I dont believe in competition, I believe in coopetition. Your strenght is not your product, it is your partners, but to attract the best partners you have to have a pretty neat product. Once you have product + partner, no-one can pull you down. Only your thirst of power and control will.

Other things that influenced my vision of the world and life:

My favorite Startup articles

My favourite TED speeches

Must-Read books

Best Movies

Bonus: I love “I googles that for you”!

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