To keep the balance for life you may need to lose the balance for a job…corporate job

Sometimes being self employed is hard. You are only accountable to yourself and it is easy to let you go a bit too much. Deadlines are soft and postponed at will, you easily lose focus and you sometimes end up thinking "who cares?"

The weeks after I came back from Paris, I was full of new projects…but was incapable to get myself really started and become productive. I was waking up every day at 12pm, regardless of what time i was going to bed. And I discover that the more you sleep, the MORE YOU WANNA SLEEP!

Eventually I started looking for a job – first for financial reason, but also because I really needed a reason to get myself out of bed in the morning.

The idea that I need a job to get me work made me wonder: "Am I not cut for entrepreneurship life?"

I dont think so. I now know that the timing was just not right for me. The projects I was planning to work on full-time (iWeekend, Online wordgame) really interested me, but were no carrier plan. If you dont have a long term vision for your projects, you are not gonna stay motivated for long.

I got a job pretty quickly and it matches my passions: mobile internet, working with entrepreneurs, organizing event and developping cooperations. I am happy to get up every day at 7 am and enjoy even more being able to wake up at 10 am during weekend.

Cherry on top, I have less time, but I am much more productive on my side projects.


About Carole (code name 烤肉)

I work in tech since 2008, moved from Reunion island to Paris, Beijing, San Francisco and ended up in Berlin in 2014.
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