Should you really be an entrepreneur?

My colleague recommended my this great article form techcrunch about Mark Suster, an serial entrepreneur becomed VC. Great to understadn both side of the business.

The most interesting part is when he says entrepreneur life is not for everybody, and here are the character traits he is describing as feating entrepreneur life. (and my appreciation of these traits according to me):

  • Not very status-oriented (Yes)
  • Doesn???t follow rules very well and questions authority (very yes! When i was a child my teacher said I was cheeky and i replied "what does that mean?" True story)
  • Can handle high degrees of ambiguity or uncertainty ( usual way to handle it is to be straight forward, many people don like it.)
  • Can handle rejection, being told ???no??? often and yet still have the confidence in your idea (mmm depend of the moment, need to work on it maybe)
  • Very decisive. ??A bias toward making decisions ??? even when only right 70% of the time ??? moving forward & correcting what doesn???t work (yes i am a control freak)
  • A high level of confidence in your own ideas and ability to execute (same, depend of the moment – aility ot execute YES)
  • Not highly susceptible to stress (i need to test my limit to answer thi question, so far, no nervous breakdown)
  • Have a high risk tolerance (yes, i live in China)
  • Not scared or ashamed of failure (yes, i can do the monkey on stage)
  • Can handle long hours, travel, lack of sleep and the trade-offs of having less time for hobbies & other stuff (what if my work is my hobbies? does that count?seriously)

Looks like I would do pretty good as an entrepreneur….but another important features: you should have a few entrepreneurs friends…otherwise youwon get the support you need to keep on moving!

About Carole (code name 烤肉)

I work in tech since 2008, moved from Reunion island to Paris, Beijing, San Francisco and ended up in Berlin in 2014.
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