2-months reflexion about my entrepreneurship aspiration

While I havent write a real post for weeks, I checked the number of drafts I have…more than 20…. I guess I should be less shy and just write ideas as they come..when I can. Perfection is the enemy of productivity.

Particularly if my thoughts relate to becoming an entrepreneur. And it is what I have hardly been thinking about the pasts weeks. Since beginning of May actually. So the last 2 months I went through this thoughts process:

I want to be an entrepreneur
> I dont have the perfect co-founder (nor the idea but idea come second)
> what is a perfect cofounder, what should I expect who should I choose?
> Should/Can friend be good co-founder material
> Trust is the main important element in creating a team of co-founder, but sharing the same value is also super important
> what are my Life Values? What I am striving for? What do I want to accomplish?
> Who are the people who seems to share the same World Vision?
> Are the project/work I am doing now in line with my Ideal?
> What makes me happy ?
> What can be my way to contribute to a better world?

I didnt find strict answers for any of these questions. But partial answers and I feel I made good progress.
I order a bunch of books from Amazon to help me in my "quest" and motivate me, give me the push to start something of my own!
I have been recommended this video on leadership, very helpful!
By serendipity (thanks Youtube!) I watched this video that make me understand how much sharing the same value with your partner, company.. is freaking important!
I recommended this video to almost everyone in my company!
I read Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh and got conforted in the fact that I should seek to live and work applying the same Values. Have a work Mission that make sens with my life vision.
I remember GTD by David Allen and the different level he is talking about: 50,000 feet, 30,000 feet, 10,000 feet, daily life. Realize it is difficult to think too long at 50,000 feet, make you feel disconnected with daily pleasure and other people.

Then recently, because I accepted that I wont have an epiphany and got miraculously all the answers I wish about my existencial crisis, I decided to go back at 10,000 and 0 feet. For the next 6 month at least.
I have a 5 year plan :
(2016) Successfully create a strong tech entrepreneur community in my hometown, Reunion Island. We have design and engineering schools, the worst employment issue of France and the best living condition (tropical island baby!). What I am not sure of : will it be the good timing?
(2013) Open tech startup incubator in my hometown
(2012) Collected enough first hand entrepreneur experience
(this year) Work on a project in believe in.

My dilemna now is my day job.
I have a day job that I love with colleagues that I love. I dont want to quit. But I want to be an entrepreneur for real. And I also want to develop iWeekend more in China.
My math teacher in high school wanted me to realize I had too much projects and I needed more focus. She was right, she still is. But i still refuse to that as a weakness. I believe when the time come, the choice will become natural.

An important criteria for me to choose to which projects I shoudl allocate more of my focus is who I am doing it with. If being entrepreneur is being a leader and means you have to been able to stand alone, naked and vulnerable in the dark for as long as it takes..I am fine with it. But I dont want to be a solo-entrepreneur, not only because I dont think I am strong enough morally for it. But just because I think all good thing in life are better shared with someone.

So my plan is to work on projects I find interesting, that are in line with my values. Meet people who are interested in promoting the same value, building the same kind of world as I wanna build. See if they become a co-founder and start something together. And as long as I haven't find this person, I will allow my self to switch project at will, I will allow myself to keep be invested in several projects at a time.

As for the blog (also one of my smaller project :-), I will write more, because it is in line with my life value: Building a world of sharing. Building a world more transparent. I still havent find the tone of this blog. Maybe it is sound more like a diary. Maybe it wont be that interesting or helpful to anyone. But it makes me feel I am contributing.

About Carole (code name 烤肉)

I work in tech since 2008, moved from Reunion island to Paris, Beijing, San Francisco and ended up in Berlin in 2014.
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2 Responses to 2-months reflexion about my entrepreneurship aspiration

  1. Cryptic Serendipity says:

    I believe with the right team, you could do almost anything! So, agree first team then idea. Having answers to your list of questions will make it easier for you to identify your co-founder. It also takes at least one other person to have answers to the same questions and for their answers to align enough with yours for that person to identify you as their co-founder. This is not enough. The two of you also need an opportunity to meet in circumstances that allow you to learn that you have both asked the same questions and have come up with aligned answers. Wow, now that’s actually asking for a lot!!! Standard day-to-day city living is not conducive to finding the answers to those questions and rarely allows one to connect with other people to explore those questions with. This is because standard city living does not have enough varied dimensions to allow one to fully experience life (I think). Would be great to organise activities (e.g. weekend away with games, nature, outdoor activities) for a bunch of people who are asking those same questions and are searching for partners for startups. By doing the activities together, the participants will actually get to know each other (i.e. understand one another’s personalities, values, preferences, etc) and hopefully have a lot of fun! One could meet a bunch of the right people but not know it because circumstances do not allow for them to actually realise this. The quality of interactions really count. And when quality interactions lead to bonds, then you’ve got a team!! Naturalicht?I’m self-motivated but much more motivated when I’ve got energetic people around me. Interested in getting a bunch of people (who are asking those questions and thinking about startups) together for a fun weekend with me so we could find our teams?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Cryptic,<div><br><div>I completely agree with you. Someone you get along to work together are usually??already??at the stage of &quot;questioning&quot; than yourself and maybe came up with his/her own answer. If you answer aligned…it is a reaally good start!</div> <div><br></div><div>Your vision of city life being uni-dimensional is interesting. Outdoor activities for start-up crowd is a very good idea. I'm in~ Here is my email: carole.waihai[at]gmail[dot]com It is summer so let's do it!<br> <br></div></div>

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