Is it right to make money from ignorance? AKA. how it took me 4h to set up my free email account from my domain…

I finally got myself a website (, decided to use weebly which is a great website design and hosting platform for non developers. There is a small learning curve but all in all very easy to use.


For the more advance ideas of my ideal website I have, I choose to use??, which is a free and also very simple to use mockup tool. The traditional balsamiq, gomockingbird… where all pay plan and evolus pencil is for Firefox while I use chrome.??


The most difficult part arrived when I decided to make business cards and so to create emails. I read online that it was free if you buy a domain name, which seems normal. But not a word about it on godaddy, they make you believe you only have right for 1 free email and need to pay for all extra one.
I check my hosting provider (weebly) which had a very clear explanation that mails had to be set with Google app and the domain seller. I did all what needed to be done on Google app panel and still I couldn’t receive any email, always receive the error 505 or something.


I was that close to give up and just go with the 1 free email from godaddy when one friend confirm to me that it is free and easy to set up, I just have to find on godaddy how to enable google app.


So i typed in google “enable google app in godaddy” and here it was, what I was looking for for a whole afternoon:??

Update your MX records to use Gmail for your domain -??Go Daddy

And it took 2 sec.
Now everything works fine.


But it got me thinking… ok you can provide a paid service to make people save time, make them not need to teach themselves extra skills, ensure a guarantee and after services…but how honest is it to charge people for something that would take them 20 min top with clear explanation?
How much different is it from the Chinese market sellers who sell the same good 30 RMB to locals who know the real prices and 300 RMB to tourists?


Not much according to me…


I really believe we can all bring value by putting transparency everywhere there is none.
Update from 3/8/2014: Setting up my email for, and I am so disappointed in Weebly right now to charge user 3$/user/month (whattheheck!!!) to help you set up your email. Here is the tutorial to do it for free for Google app.
So disappointed…

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I work in tech since 2008, moved from Reunion island to Paris, Beijing, San Francisco and ended up in Berlin in 2014.
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