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My pick of Youtube 15-min stretching videos for daily routine

For about 6-months, I’ve been adding to my morning routine a little 15-min stretching session. I tried my share of online yoga classes during COVID but I realise that what I really liked was stretching and that doing it just … Continue reading

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I tried COCONAT workation near Berlin

This week I spent one night and two days at Coconat, a workation place in Bad Belzig, 1h30 away from Berlin. I’ve heard of the place a few months earlier when I was researching coworking and places for retreats in … Continue reading

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Berlin tips for my visiting friends

Berlin is an exciting city so I often have friends visiting and decided to finally compile a list of my top recommendations. To do Teufelsberg – The former American listening station to spy on the USSR during the cold war. … Continue reading

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Finding passion and home again… in Berlin

After being absent for more than 18 months (well I did update my last post on January 2014…) it is more than time to blog again! Many things happened during that time, and not one month passed by without me … Continue reading

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When WhatsApp is going to sell to Facebook (or Google)?

Quick overview of the Messaging app market: WeChat – 300 millions (launch in Jan 2011) WhatsApp – 250 millions (launch in 2009, estimate $20 million revenue per month) LINE – 200 millions (launch in June 2011) ($30+ million revenue per … Continue reading

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The Walking Depressed aka. Creative Mind stuck in a World of Conformity

I always thought that Entrepreneurs were people more sensitive than average, because you have to be idealistic, you have to keep faith that the world deserve to be better to keep fighting everyday when you could choose to have a easy life (metro/b… Continue reading

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Chinese learning online tools and ressource – for free

Quizlet – My Flashcard setsnciku – My vocab listsLivemocha – My profil I also use ChinesePod audio podcast a lot but never been a paid user.Language leaning should be this way build around a community of peer who help each other. After all when yo… Continue reading

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Feeling awkward at events

I have a looooot of experience at feeling awkward at events. I thought I will share that with you because I think 90% of actually feel the same (the other 10% are drunk or completely in love with themselves). 1 – Until a few hours before the event… Continue reading

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HOG: a tale about Friendship in a big city.

Once upon a time in a strange and bewitching city full of 20+ millions habitants there was a girl looking for a friend. One day at a party, she met H., they dated for a few weeks, travelled together and had a lot of fun. After they stopped dating … Continue reading

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Nine out of 10 successful entrepreneurs don???t (raise VC money)!

This artcile from Vivek Wadhwa also talks about the startup visa (it will be so awesome to have that in China!) and also mention the “wrong assumption that all startups raise angel or venture capital. As my team???s research has shown, nine out of 1… Continue reading

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