Seeking partners for a techie coworking space in Wudaokou – URGENT!

After spending a few weeks working in Lush / Bridge Cafe / Sculpting in Time and MAAN coffee, i finally found myself an office…for until April 5.

It is my friend iOS coding school,
I was meaning to write a blog post titled "Learning iOS with Korean Ted Mosby" but end up never having time for it. Moreover I gave up the course after 3 session, Kai has been more courageous.

Anyway now the school is not used during the day and he decided to close this business to focus on his app Studio. Which is quite a shame because the place is nice, very well located (cross road from Tsinghua Science Park where Sohu, Google and Yahoo are), 5 min from Wudaokou subway…

So I talk with the landlord and I have a few days to find people to cowork with me and help pay the rent..if you know anyone looking for a coworking space in Wudaokou…this is the place!

More info:

Space: 65m2 fully furnished, with screen, projector, long projector cable.

Monthly rent: 12,000 RMB (if we are 6 to rent it, it is 2000RMB a month, pretty acceptable!)

Additional services: Receptionist to be there from 9am to 6pm, she can help receive package, help book plane tickets…

Adress: Huaqing Jiayuan Residence, Shangfu Huiguan, 5th floor, appt 502 (Wudaokou)
Indications: from wudaokou subway walk west 400m, the building at South East corner of Tsinghua Science Park cross road.



Map | Pictures below.

If interested drop me a comment before Monday April 2! Thanks~


About Carole (code name 烤肉)

I work in tech since 2008, moved from Reunion island to Paris, Beijing, San Francisco and ended up in Berlin in 2014.
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1 Response to Seeking partners for a techie coworking space in Wudaokou – URGENT!

  1. Paul House says:

    Hi Carole,I would possibly interested in the co-working space, I guess I am too late?Still working there? Email me and maybe we can meetup sometime to discuss. I also found a coworking space near Dangwanglu, and heard there was one in Zhongguancun. Also, FYI, you need to be running a VPN to even comment here, which hurts chance of response…

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