Your most precious connections and changing world

I haven’t write for a long time but thought I’ll share part of an email I wrote today:

I woke up this morning at 7am, like it rarely happen but when it happen it is usually when I have something on my mind that try to raise from subconscious to conscious and it is always an interesting discovering.
What it was this morning was a reminder of who are your most precious connections in life: not necessarily your parents, your childhood friends, people who make you laugh every day… it is the persons who put the bar higher for you and at the same are here to catch, pick you up if you miss the target.

I have two persons like this in my life and sometimes they are the hardest to deal with because I wrongly think “I am not good enough yet” when really what they meant is just ” You’re great but you have the potential to be even more awesome!”. I know it but it is tough… particularly when you are someone who difficultly admit you are wrong. Or at least relatively wrong. You can always find a world in which any actions is justifiable, but you are wrong for the world you want to reach.


The world is shared into a multitude of worlds. Each of us live in a different one, and we strive to find friends / partners with who we can finally share the same world, which is define by the value you share.

I regularly have this sentence coming back with one of my friend:

“Well this is how things works in my world by we live in two different worlds”.

What I mean is: you have to accept your friend won’t think or do the same. Best I can do is acknowledge that their world exist as well and they is as important/good as yours. But different worlds feat different persons. The world and the rules you follow are not the one everyone around you have to follow. Each of us should be able to choose for themselves.

The best you can do is stick to your world if you think it is the best one for you and inspire other to join it by their own will.

And if you think your world sucks but you are stuck, you have to realize you have the key to your own freedom, you can change world.

We are lucky enough -for the most of us – to live in a world where we can easily choose your immediate surrounding, particularly the people you surround yourself with, wether they are geographically close or one email away from you. They are the one who influence the world you live in.

So if you decide to change world, be prepare that it is not easy. But very possible and not that hard… it is like immigrating:
– you’ll be very ignorant of the new rules
– people of the new world will find you weird, will be surprise you don’t even know the basic
– you will look stupid and out of place.

But with time and the right support, you will adapt and start making it your own.

About Carole (code name 烤肉)

I work in tech since 2008, moved from Reunion island to Paris, Beijing, San Francisco and ended up in Berlin in 2014.
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