2 Must read articles and 2 must follow blogs about Tech industry and community in Beijing 2010

If you are interested in tech and are curious to know what has been going on in China this year, here are some materials and comments to sum-up the current landscape:

Never Mind the Valley: Here's Beijing
(Jan. 2010, Dana Oshiro, ReadWriteWeb.com)
This is a great article to have a panorama of the different actors on the tech scene here in Beijing. But things changed a little bit since the beginning of the year:
– Investors are more and more interested in early stage investments and startup incubators are booming. Innovation Works added a new program for shorter incubation, Chinaccelerator (a Dalian incubator very active in Beijing) released its first batch of graduates, Yuanfen Flow started incubating in Dashansi -Beijing art district, and less openly Wangjing Peopeo company and Trilogy Venture are also looking into projects to incubate.
– Community events are multiplicating with the first edition of 2 "startup launch" event: iWeekend and Startup Weekend. As well as the birth of Beijing CoWorking group – a place for entrepreneur to work side by side- and Startup Meetup – an occasion for startup to pitch to investors.

GeeksOnAPlane at the GMIC And CHINICT Tech Conferences In Beijing: Learnings From??China
(May 2010, Serkan Toto, Techcrunch.com)
This article reflects the interest of the Sillicon Valley with the visit of GeeksOnAPlane to China. The most popular Sillicon Geek in China? Dave McClure, he is just all other the place, speaker or panelist at all big Chinese conference !!
In addition to GMIC and ChinICT, we can also note the apparition of China 2.0: The Rise of a Digital Superpower, an other big conference organized by Standford in Sillicon Valley and Beijing. And not to forget the first edition of Girl2.0 in November in Shanghai. Unfortunately all these conferences costs a couples of thousand USD to get in. Ouch!

Bonus article: Mark Zuckerberg, after being named Time person of the year, visited China for holidays but still made stop in the biggest Internet and mobile Chinese companies: Baidu (Chinese Google), Sina (Chinese Yahoo+Twitter), China Telecom, Alibaba (Chinese ebay), maybe event Tencent (group behind the Chinese MSN, QQ)… Note that Facebook in blocked in China…

So, yeah, it was a big year for the Tech community, but it probably just the start. To keep up with what is going on, you can follow this 2 great English blogs:
Mobinode – founded by Lu Gang, a Chinese serial entrepreneur, very well connected in the internet industry.
Techrice – newly launched Tech blog founded by Kai Lukoff, great analyst of the industry.

Enjoy and let me know your comments~

About Carole (code name 烤肉)

I work in tech since 2008, moved from Reunion island to Paris, Beijing, San Francisco and ended up in Berlin in 2014.
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