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Jasmin Revolution in Beijing Wangfujing Mc Donald’s

Entrepreneurship is about improving the world. There are lots of different way but for me technology is the fastest and the most efficient way:- Google –> democratization of information- Twitter –> voice to the mass and fastest diffusion of info… Continue reading

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Wherethehell is Matt in Beijing

I went to the flashmob at Sanlitun soho, 3pm last Saturday.It was fun 🙂 The world need more of this crazy, slighty stupid challenge like “I will dance around the world”! It make it so more fun!! Go Matt! Photo Credit: http://gokatayama.com/ Vide… Continue reading

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The reason for this blog…

…was originally to share what I learnt from organizing the first iWeekend event in China, in Beijing on Nov 17-18, 2010. It was an AMAZING experience, i didn’t know anything about start-up before -or just what an average person know about it, th… Continue reading

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I tried out…Beijing HackerLab!

Every Saturday since about one month or so now, is organized the HackerLab in the Art Gallery Yuanfen Flow in Beijing Art District, 798.798, located in the North East of Beijing, is a one of the favourite tourists and local visit area. What was on… Continue reading

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2 Must read articles and 2 must follow blogs about Tech industry and community in Beijing 2010

If you are interested in tech and are curious to know what has been going on in China this year, here are some materials and comments to sum-up the current landscape:Never Mind the Valley: Here’s Beijing (Jan. 2010, Dana Oshiro, ReadWriteWeb.com)T… Continue reading

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